Saturday, August 09, 2008

Preste Maia | Opening in Los Angeles August 9

Prestes Maia:
Opening August 9 6pm to 8pm
August 9 to October 3 2008
Alegria Gallery
2737 W Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90026
9to5 MF

A Diary of Exclusion
The Alegria Gallery, from Art for Shelter, will be exhibiting a group of photographs from the Prestes Maia essay. These images are fragments of a visual diary that Tatiana Cardeal has been keeping at the Prestes Maia occupation at the heart of the city of Sao Paulo, during almost three years (2005 to 2007).
The site was considered the largest vertical occupation in Latin America. The building was an old textile factory abandoned more than 20 years ago, and the owners owe millions in taxes to the municipal government. Some 2.000 people were living there, members of the Downtown Homeless Movement, which is led by 10 women from various occupied sites in the city. The groups, well organized, articulated are formed by thousands of people who formerly lived on the street, in squares or under bridges and overpasses. Like an army without shelter, they founded the Homeless Movement not only as a way to struggle for the right to housing, but to restore their own dignity, unraveled by lack of care and social segregation.
These photos are fragments of this history of Sao Paulo society, where the author Tatiana Cardeal is born.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Light Painting

Light Painting, première mise en ligne par jurvetson.

This picture taken by one of my most favorite flickr photographer shows the trajectory of a naughty rocket illuminated by leds. Steve said : 14 seconds, f2.8, 16mm, ISO 800 Canon 5D, bulb mode, manual focus done !

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

ENPS mobile : Yes, it works !

ENPS Mobile Suite allows newsroom users to stay connected everywhere in the world via the web and mobile technologies. With the SnapFeed system a pocket PC may send video material to the newsroom, then any journalist can act for breaking news from anywhere. The MOS protocol make it available on air at a glance. From any internet computer, it is easy to access the ENPS web to edit the scripts, rundowns and assignement data.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Studio Broadcast TV

Here is a few list of partners around the world of TV broadcast we are used to work with in our studios :

Popkomm : the international business platform for music and entertainement

Popkomm is openning on Wednesday with 400 groups from 30 countries facing multimedia. Productors, Majors and lapels are very attracted by, digging for new contracts. Katja Bittner, the event's director is saying that the music industry is changing because of new technos.

Night Clubs are rocking Berling all 4 nights long with most famous DJ and musicians in order to promote new talents and develop business.

The web giants MySpace and Yahoo music are sponsoring the festival in a multimedia fashion way.

Foreign countries from Africa or South America will join the event in grace of Sonicbids that will pay the flying tickets.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Project Management for Information Systems is a comprehensive introduction to the design and implementation of computer-based information systems. The book combines theory, practice and advice on the role of the project leader in managing the team, the individual and the task. This book will enable the reader to plan all aspects of an IS project and to ensure that the project is implemented in a timely way and to budget. The book takes a very practical approach, which examines best practice.

The textbook's excellent supplementary material can be found at

If you want to manage change avoiding failure to develop a leadership, this book is for you.
Authors : James Cadle and Donald Yeates

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

The American services of meteorology envisage one lenient winter 2006/07 on the whole of the United States with temperatures above the normal thanks to the hot current El Nino in the Pacific, according to forecasts' made public Tuesday. These forecasts could involve a less great consumption of fuel and natural gas. However the winter will be colder than the precedent, which was the hotter fifth in the United States. “The reinforcement in the course of the El Nino current in the tropical zone of the Pacific Ocean should persist during all the winter with the possibility that it becomes more intense in the next months”, explains the oceanic and atmospheric administration American (NOAA). “The intensification of El Nino will have an influence on the localization and the force of the hot current above the Pacific Ocean what will affect precipitations and the temperatures in the whole of the United States”, Michael Halpert, the principal meteorologist of the center of forecasts of the climate indicated, with the NOAA. “This probably will involve less cold temperatures in the country than during the majority of the winters during which the El Nino current does not appear”, it added in an official statement posted on Internet site of the NOAA. However, the next winter will be colder than the precedent with on average from 5 to 10% of more than days of heating than into 2005/06. Last winter was the hotter fifth recorded in the United States with an average temperature of 2,4 degrees Celsius. Hottest was that of 1999/2000 with an average temperature of 2,8 degrees.

Thursday, August 31, 2006

The Minister for the Economy of Finances and Industry have just announced that he gave his authorization to the merging together of CANALSAT and TPS. At the end one three months period of legal and financial work, TPS will become thus a subsidiary company of Group CANAL+. This operation intervenes whereas France was the last large country European in which 2 satellite platforms of paying TV coexisted. It will be made for the benefit subscribers who will see their offer enriched with the distribution of TF1 M6 TPS Star and CANAL+ Le Bouquet on the 2 platforms, and the arrival of the HD TV.
This news is alREADY at READY2.INFO

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

SpiralFrog and Universal Music Group Partner in Advertising-Supported Legal Music Download Service in Canada and USA

SpiralFrog has signed an agreement with Universal Music Group (UMG), the world's leading music company, to make UMG's extensive catalog available for legal downloading in the US and Canada via SpiralFrog's advertising-supported service.

SpiralFrog will offer users of its no-cost web-based service the ability to legally download music by many of the world's most popular and award-winning artists.

SpiralFrog will launch in beta later this year.

SpiralFrog ( is the new online music destination offering advertising-supported legal downloads of audio and video content licensed from the catalogs of the world’s leading record labels and from independents.